Gearin’ It: What to do when you can only 10 man

Gearin' It

So you’re in your guild with your friends, and you know you roll content with a pretty shined up face. So what kind of loot should you be gunning for in 10-man? I will be starting this column, showcasing a new piece of gear you should look to acquire every Tuesday. If you can get it, sweet, if you can’t, keep trying! No reason to give up because of failed rolls or drops. In a 10-man, you’ll get it eventually. The item is after the jump.

So if you’re still here, here’s the item you should go for this week: Keen Obsidian Edged Blade. It’s a very easy drop to get – it comes from 10-man Onyxia, and has some sweet stats to go with it.

  • Keen Obsidian Edged Blade
  • Two-Hand Sword – 232.6 DPS
  • 651-977 Damage – 3.50 Speed
  • 129 Strength, 159 Stamina
  • Crit 61, Expertise 92

As you can see, this sword is no slouch. Up there with the weapon from 10-man ToC, Edge of Agony, it actually boasts better stats, almost perfect even, if you are hit capped. Expertise is crucial, and if you wield this baby, you are probably near the cap after slapping it on. Which means you can drop the Glyph of Seal of Corruption easy, and chug on towards better stats. A good example of a better stat is already on this weapon, and that is Strength, a whole whopping 129. That calculates out to about 260 or 270 Attack Power, after Divine Strength comes into play. All in all, a good weapon to easy tote around in today’s modern raiding world, and you’ll look cool too.

See you next time!


~ by Ramos on October 13, 2009.

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