Retiator: You have flagged yourself for PVP.


Retiator is my attempt at a PVP section for Retribution Paladins. Every time you see this header you will know it’s about something to do with Arenas, BGs, or PVP things.

What this section of the blog will attempt to do is lead you through the guide to make yourself as deadly as possible. Check out my first thoughts of gemming after the jump.

What you need to do is hit up the Bold Scarlet Ruby, and various other gems with Stamina and Strength in them. You will have to satisfy gear requirements for a meta, but generally, the gear will keep the Resilience for you, but don’t mind about putting Kharmaa’s Grace in one of your yellow slots, as it’s one of the best gems you can get for the socket.

With every gem you get closer to your original PVE stats, is how hard you are going to hit people. Granted, you should be grinding honor for Deadly pieces of gear, even if it’s a lot, just go ahead and do it. Also, do heroics as much as possible, as you can get Deadly pieces together faster that way as well.

I hope you enjoyed this section! Look for more detailed parts in the future!


~ by Ramos on October 10, 2009.

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