Zul’Aman last night

Last night we did some Zul’Aman. They were only going to have me for Halazzi and Zul’Jin, but our warlock was gone and they took me all the way. I getz badgez!

I picked up two pieces of off-spec gear – a Healing helm, and Prot Shoulders.

I’m starting to look like our main Pally Prot tank with my gear now! Haha.

Still no Jin’rohk from Zul’jin, though. I really wanted to see it drop,

but of course, I don’t think it exists.


~ by Ramos on December 9, 2007.

One Response to “Zul’Aman last night”

  1. Good luck with the sword. It’s good to see a lot of Ret Paladins nowadays. Pre-BC it was tough for us to get gear like Jin’Rohk.

    Hell, it was rough when I won Ashkandi back in the day! Itemization is definitely a lot better for Ret Paladins now too.

    Once again, good luck.

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