Tank for a day…

Just did some Tanking in Karazhan. I went full Prot to do it though – rather that than run through it with being Ret, I think! I know I can still do it, but the fact is that I’d rather just be a real tank so I can take hits instead of a fake tank who can die easily without the right stats.

Our healer’s pre-paid time went up, and we had to call it quits, though. Quite funny! The raid split up after we downed the Chess Event. Attunmen dropped the horse, and I didn’t win it, ARGH! I was scared to roll because of rolling low, and it got me. Damn!

Then I went back to Ret again.

Wanna know something awesome? It’s the feeling of exhiliration when you stab a mage with Crusader Strike, Seal of Command procs, and your white attack all hits for crits, and one shots him. That happened several times today. It’s absolutely fabulous.


~ by Ramos on December 8, 2007.

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