A little more info on me

I love Paladins. I enjoy playing them, speccing them, and equipping them. I’ve always loved Paladins, Warcraft or otherwise. The idea of smiting enemies with the power of holy (or in WoW’s case, “the light”) goodness is something awesome to imagine.

Currently, the Paladin is not seeing much love as of late. The idea that they should be fiercesome melee spellcasters is all but gone – you have to have epic items to put up the dps to take down most classes, and even with that, it’s hard to take down some.

I love Retribution. This Paladin spec is my favorite, and unlike a lot of people out there who play Paladins, I know how to play the spec, very well actually. In fact, I know how to play every spec (still kinda shaky on Protection though), but Retribution is by far my favorite. The fact that the Holy spec for Paladins is very beefed up in comparison to the other two specs is why I say that Paladins get very little love. However, Blizzard has shown note of this, and is going to be giving Retribution (dubbed “Ret”) pallies their just dues. Now I can only wait for the patch notes…


~ by Ramos on July 25, 2007.

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