Patch 3.3 – Build 10571 Ret Changes (Will be Updated)

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A build of Patch 3.3 (the final content patch of Lich King) has been added, and with it come new things for Ret Paladins to get excited about. This post will be updated throughout the day as more Retribution stuff comes down the pipe, with thoughts in tow.

Retribution Libram – Your Crusader Strike ability grants 44 Strength for 15 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.

I bolded the most important parts. It seems this Libram, for PVP OR PVE, is going to be the best one out there. Stacking Crusader Strike up to 220 STR is going to be nuts, and I am assuming the 15 second timer is for each application, meaning you get 220 strength indefinitely. Will this be available for 15 or 25 Emblems of Frost? We’ll see.


Gearin’ It: What to do when you can only 10 man

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Gearin' It

So you’re in your guild with your friends, and you know you roll content with a pretty shined up face. So what kind of loot should you be gunning for in 10-man? I will be starting this column, showcasing a new piece of gear you should look to acquire every Tuesday. If you can get it, sweet, if you can’t, keep trying! No reason to give up because of failed rolls or drops. In a 10-man, you’ll get it eventually. The item is after the jump.

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Retiator: You have flagged yourself for PVP.

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Retiator is my attempt at a PVP section for Retribution Paladins. Every time you see this header you will know it’s about something to do with Arenas, BGs, or PVP things.

What this section of the blog will attempt to do is lead you through the guide to make yourself as deadly as possible. Check out my first thoughts of gemming after the jump.

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Tier 10 Sets

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Tier 10 bonuses

If you haven’t seen the current Tier 10 Bonuses or Gear (currently only 5 classes are up, not ours AGAIN, back in Tier 8 we had to wait as well), then check this out. Granted, it is pretty cool to see the sets before they are brought out, and you may have read some other thoughts on the matter, but here are my take on it. Check it out after the jump.

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I’m back!

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No, no, it’s not “We’re Back, A Dinosaur’s Story”, but Ramos is back, the Ret Pally everyone wants to love on Dalaran!

I’m back blogging, and I want to write about all my experiences on the game and tell you my thoughts about upcoming features and just general advice for all your Retribution needs.

Let’s get back in the game!

Zul’Aman last night

•December 9, 2007 • 1 Comment

Last night we did some Zul’Aman. They were only going to have me for Halazzi and Zul’Jin, but our warlock was gone and they took me all the way. I getz badgez!

I picked up two pieces of off-spec gear – a Healing helm, and Prot Shoulders.

I’m starting to look like our main Pally Prot tank with my gear now! Haha.

Still no Jin’rohk from Zul’jin, though. I really wanted to see it drop,

but of course, I don’t think it exists.


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Here’s a picture of my UI. Very simple, and I’m wearing my PVE gear! I’m so beast!